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Graphic Design & Illustration

Hi! I'm a multidisciplinary artist and graphic designer in love with typography.

I aim to create graphic solutions with a strong focus on typography. My work is primarly based on graphic design, editorial, identities and lettering or type design and I also offer artistic and illustration services. More about me.

English / Español

Droplet, wavy variable display font

Chens Hand, super random script font

Dragsta, 3 axis experimental variable font

Thoreau, transitional serif font

Gehape, modular font based on geometric shapes

Letterings and custom letters

AI generated letters

Artificial Intelligence (IA) for graphic design applications

GREP, automate your editorial design

Narrative with ChatGPT, storytelling with Generative AI

What is Design Thinking?, transform the way you think

Fingerboards (handmade skate decks miniatures)

Doooodles zine (drawings)

Principios de algo (poetry)

Automatic drawings and other stuff (experimental)

Frozen Moments zine (sketches)

Prints, wall art & other goods