Carlos Asencio,
graphic design from Mallorca.

Hi! I'm a multidisciplinary artist and graphic designer in love with typography.


English / Español

I’m Carlos Asencio, also known as Chensio, a multidisciplinary designer and artist based in Spain.

Always interested and attracted by the artistic and graphic aspects of the world since I was a child, I have been working for more than 12 years in the field of design and graphic communication in the advertising, packaging, press and fashion industries.

Currently I live and work on the sunny island of Mallorca, Spain and since 2011, I’ve been working at Camper as senior graphic designer for Retail and PR departments.


My work is primarly based on graphic design, corporate identities and logotypes and I also offer artistic and illustration services.

I also enjoy drawing fonts myself and play with the letter form creating experimental typefaces such as “Dragsta”.

Besides my focus on printed matter I’m always on creative exploration, I like to try new mediums and forms of expression so my style can range from bizarre and chaotic compositions to minimal and harmonic designs with a singular identity, experimenting with different techniques to create visually appealing concepts and products.

To see some of my work, click here!


My goal is create functional design and inspiring graphic solutions across branding, print and digital designs, supporting people and brands bringing their ideas into life.

For further information, collaborations or if you have a project in mind, please get in touch. You can also find me on my social networks


In addition to art and design I am a technology enthusiast and I love taking juice out of today's technologies like Artificial Intelligence (take a look at my work with AI for Graphic Design applications or Story Creation), Machine Learning, Augmented Reality and I also enjoy coding and creative coding, in fact I made this website myself!

Music is my passion too, sometimes I play drums, guitar or bass guitar and I have collaborated with several artists.

Always attracted and influenced by the punk/metal music scene, urban culture, graffiti and the world of skateboarding. In 2022 I launched a series of handmade mini-skateboards decks (fingerboards) you can obtain here.

In my free time I like to read mostly sci-fi and fantasy books (check my book cover designs!) with some manga in between, and fill my sketchbooks with drawings.

2011 (ongoing), Camper, Spain
as senior designer for Retail Marketing and PR.

2015, calligraphic typography workshop
with Glíglifo on Domestika.

2015, modular typography workshop
with Wete on Domestika.

2007 – 2011, Grupo BdeB
doing graphic design, packaging, communication and advertising campaigns.

2006, Grupo Clave
as Junior Graphic Designer.

2005, Logitravel
as Jr. Graphic Designer.

2006, EDIB design school,
HND Graphic design.


Art Direction

Graphic Design

Type Design

Creative Direction

Editorial Design

Lookbooks & Catalogs


Logos & Monograms



AI and Machine Learning

2020, H&M store gallery:
In-store artworks and illustrations showcase to celebrate the new H&M store opening in Palma de Mallorca.

2019, Kimpton Fisherman's Wharf: Selected artwork featured on Kimpton Fisherman's Wharf hotel Guest Room King Suite (San Francisco, CA).

2013, In Palma magazine:
llustrations featured at In Palma magazine, artists issue.

2010, WorldStar Award:
WorldStar Award in food category for Trixi-Box sushi box © packaging system, designed in collaboration with GrupoBdeB team. The WorldStar Competition is one of the major events of the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) and is the pre-eminent international award in packaging.

2010, Getty Images contributor:
Requested as a contributor in the illustration database of Getty Images.

2009, Vomitorium Zine:
llustrations featured at Vomitorium zine, n6 issue.

2009, Dona showcase:
Featured artwork on DONA, a women thematic art exhibition at art gallery Espai Cromatic in Tarragona, Spain.

2009, iF Design Award:
iF Design Award for Trixi-Box © packaging system, designed in collaboration with GrupoBdeB team.

2009, EatSleepDraw magazine:
llustrations featured at EatSleepDraw Magazine n1.

2008, El Pais, EP3:
Young talent of the week in El País EP3 newspaper.

2008, Zupi Magazine:
llustrations featured at Zupi magazine.

2008, Líderpack awards:
Líderpack award for TrixiBox © packaging system designed in collaboration with GrupoBdeB team. Liderpack awards have been Spain's most recognised awards in packaging and point-of-sale advertising.

2008, Belio Magazine:
llustrations featured at Belio magazine, Circus issue.

2008, Indexbook, Select F:
Advertising works featured at Index Book Select F. Selected Graphic Design from Spain.

2008, Woof Magazine:
llustrations featured at Woof magazine, issue 7, free subject.

2007, Indexbook, Select G:
Advertising works featured at Index Book Select G. Selected Graphic Design from Spain.


Feel free to get in touch if you’re interested in working on new projects, commissions, or collaborations. I’d love to hear from you! Let's talk!


Telephone: +34 689 959 572

Write me through: Instagram


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Typography: Chens Sans (WIP).

Last update on January, 2024.