Algunos dibujos, ilustraciones, renders 3D, ...

Selected drawings, illustrations, 3D renders, ...

Untitled girl portrait
Untitled girl portrait
Gato kawaii con mascarilla
Lettering ilustrado del Coronavirus o COVID-19
Shiny R letter
Untitled collage, drawing and a few words
Chance The Rapper portrait
Inktober 2019 Ash
Inktober 2019 Dark
Inktober 2019 Ghost
Inktober 2019 Ancestral
Hairy Jolly Roger
Body drawing pattern
Barbarian viking girl illustration
Westcoast guy portrait
Doooodles zine
Iceland zine
Doooodles zine
Cartoon ants pattern
Sad faces
Autumn leaves pattern
Doooodles zine