Free coffee cup or take-away mug mockup

Download and use this free coffee cup mockup! It will make your branding and graphic design proposals much smoother.

It seems like there are not enough coffee cup mockups to satisfy a designer's thirst... same goes for me, I know what you mean! Here's one more chance to download a free high quality design mockup of a free coffee mug or cup. The typical takeaway coffee mug made of kraft cardboard. You have many adjustment options available, a nicely done design and easy to use.

Obviously there is no limit to the number of times you can use this coffee cup mockup: in fact... the more the better! In the PSD file (Photoshop) you have 3 mug scenes (a standing scene with/without straw and another version with the mug floating), you just have to try which one will present your designs better. Do you like the texture of the kraft cup? No problem, you can add it there too. Just focus on choosing a design for this coffee cup mockup and don't worry about the process itself, everything will be fine with the smart objects included in the Photoshop file.